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Customer prices

Customer group prices and individual customer prices

Among other things you can define special prices for company groups and use them in pricing calculations. You can also freely define prices for individual customers and also customer discount groups. When making calculations you can choose between the normal list prices, or the individual customer, company group, or discount group prices.


Parts lists / Cascaded items

A cascade allows you to assign any number of additional accessory items (parts list) to an item. You can also add further items under a cascaded item. It is then possible to only show the parent items of cascades / parts lists in the calculation. However, the subordinate (child) items are included when billing. You can adjust the sale price of a parent item without having to alter the child items. You can choose to show or hide the subordinate items when printing out a calculation.


Assembly of equipment systems

You can create example systems and plant, which you can use again and again in the calculation process. This reduces the number of workflow steps and thus saves time. You can define different types of system based on system compatibility and system family, such as standard systems or special equipment systems that you have assembled yourself. You can then select a system to incorporate the recorded configuration into a project in the calculation. This ensures that only the appropriate components are used. You can then quickly and easily create offers and tenders by using these frequently utilized systems.

Third party services

Calculation with third party services

You can view and edit the purchase and sale values of third party services in separate columns in the calculation for a line item. In this way, you can calculate definite proportions of labor and materials as third party services – with or without the use of item types. The own and external share of third party services for different suppliers can then be calculated separately. You can thus pass on the costs of third party services with a markup to your customers in a few simple steps.


Recording / invoicing of quantities

You can create the quantities estimate directly from the order when on site and generate a supplementary order for the additional item quantities not included in the order. The bill of quantities can be printed out or exported as an Excel table. The estimated quantities can either be recorded manually or through an Excel interface. The corresponding invoice is prepared from the bill of quantities. You can specify whether only the labor, only the materials, or both are to be included in the billing.

Contract calculation

Maintenance, rental, insurance fees

The contract calculation function allows you to calculate an individual price for contractual maintenance, rental, and / or insurance for each separate item in the calculation. As well as entering the corresponding costs manually, the amounts can be determined on the basis of various reference prices and durations.


Additional costs

Accounting for extra costs for a project in a calculation

With additional costs, you can include hidden costs in the calculation such as the costs of fitting, technical processing, travel, or additional services.

Surcharge group calculation

Calculating projects using surcharge groups

Create a hybrid calculation based on different markups on the purchase price. The items are assigned to the surcharge groups, so that the surcharge group assignment of individual items can be changed in the calculation.

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