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Are you looking for trade software that you can depend upon? Software that exactly fits the requirements of your trade? Do you want to clearly organize your office and make it more efficient? With Office Base, you will be laying the perfect groundwork for your business to go digital. This base program is the foundation for successful office operations: With Office Base, you can manage your master data with ease, produce offers and invoices, manage your product prices, restrict access rights on an individual basis, allocate invoice accounts, and create individual reports. Office Base is the first step towards the digitalization of your operations!

Office Base from es2000

Thanks to Office Base from es2000, everything from the initial offer through to the final invoice is recorded clearly and in detail: The Calculation function lets you create and price offers, tenders, specifications, purchase orders, and invoices. You can record product images for each line item, allocate discounts, and show the prices for labor and materials. The contribution margin lets you keep a close eye on the profitability of a project. The Preview function lets you check the printout and adjust it to fit individual requirements. The document can then be printed out or sent by email. Billing can be done in the form of part payment, final, or on account invoices. Invoices can be sent with attached documents such as job reports in electronic form.

Invoices can be allocated automatically to the predetermined revenue accounts for materials and labor as well as to the corresponding cost centers and cost units.


Master data management

Management of your master data for clients, suppliers, business partners, and staff is child’s play with Office Base from es2000. General information, contacts, telephone numbers, and email addresses can be recorded quickly and securely just like payment conditions, forms of address for serial letters, bank details, terms, and much more besides.

Articles and services can be recorded with ease and various types of item description can be added individually, such as texts for tenders, price lists, and explanations. Information like approval numbers and installation times is recorded once with the item and can then be used directly in the calculation of offers. You can individually adjust the prices of articles and services by running a price update, which also allows you recalculate your list prices separately by a percentage surcharge or a fixed amount.

Access rights

Not every employee should have full access to every program function or module. To protect sensitive data and ensure that certain processes in the company are not interfered with, you can assign access rights to users on an individual basis.

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The advantages

Comprehensive management

The possibilities for managing and updating your master data are vast. Everything is covered, from payment conditions for clients and suppliers, through to company vehicle fleet management for staff and on up to data relevant to pricing of articles and services, such as installation times.

Perfect communication

Data can be exchanged with planners and architects using standardized GAEB files, and item master data can be uploaded from your suppliers using the convenient import function. This ensures the flow of data and means that your data is always up to date.

Flexible pricing

You can use various settings to price up your projects, for example by adding a surcharge to the purchase price. You can keep an eye on cost-effectiveness using the contribution margin, ensuring that all projects are profitable.

Individual reports

Lots of basic reports and evaluations that can be adapted to your individual requirements are already included. The data in the separate database tables can be accessed for use in these reports.

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This is eserp

Security equipment installers, ICT retailers and trades with comparable processes have relied on the ERP solutions from es2000 for digitalization for the past 30 years.

The software solutions from es2000 are exactly tailored to fit each different company, so that workflows are completely continuous, more harmonious and efficient, resulting in a saving in both time and costs. As a trade specialist, es2000 knows all about the typical processes and challenges of project business and servicing systems installations, so every company can go digital optimally with our ERP software.

Office Base is the perfect foundation for successful operation of your office. Among other things, you can quickly and easily produce offers and manage your master data effortlessly.


What our customers say about es2000


Sven Lindemann, Geschäftsführer und Serviceleiter von Bunsieck & Partner GmbH

"In contrast, es2000 has developed esoffice continuously. So individual custom changes made to the standard software also work when there is a new release...."


Gerhard Förtsch, Director of TeleSys Kommunikationstechnik GmbH

“We pass the optimization requests of our customers on to the product management department of our software service provider es2000. Many of our customers are well-known global players from Silicon Valley, and have branches all over the world. To set up a service call,..."


Pierre Tambyrajah, Northland Controls Systems, Inc., Newark (USA)

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What our customers say!

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