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esweb Base

The online solution for executives and field service engineers

Are you always on the move but still want to want to know what’s happening in your business at all times? Do you have lots of technicians out in the field who need access to files and project information? If so, the esweb Base is just what you need! You and your field service engineers have access to the basic functions of the es2000 solutions via a web browser on your smartphone, tablet or notebook. And the esmobile add-ons provide you with important functions such as on-site measurement and electronic forms on the move, even when you’re offline.

esweb Base from es2000

With esweb Base, you can use all the fundamental functions of the es2000 solutions through a web interface. You can access data through your browser, allowing you to work in many areas from your smartphone, tablet, or notebook while on the move. The basic functions include address information, route planning to your customer, access to building projects (including contacts, contact persons, and offers), an online file store and a download area where you can make firmware updates available to customers, for example.

The user interface for esweb adjusts automatically to suit the mobile device. For smartphones and tablets, there is a mobile view with the major functions specially designed for technicians on the job.


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The advantages

Designed for technicians on the job

Technicians in the field must be kept informed and have access to the most important project and customer data if they are to work efficiently. With esweb, this access is simply through a web browser on a mobile device.

Perfect expansion capabilities

The corresponding esweb add-ons give you access to your prioritized es2000 modules. The esmobile extensions additionally allow you and your technicians access to functions such as mobile on-site measurement, spare parts management, or e forms (such as maintenance records and checklists) both online and offline.

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Are you already using different office software? Why not change to ours!

This is eserp

Security equipment installers, ICT retailers and trades with comparable processes have relied on the ERP solutions from es2000 for digitalization for the past 30 years.

The software solutions from es2000 are exactly tailored to fit each different company, so that workflows are completely continuous, more harmonious and efficient, resulting in a saving in both time and costs. As a trade specialist, es2000 knows all about the typical processes and challenges of project business and servicing systems installations, so every company can go digital optimally with our ERP software.

The esweb Base is the perfect foundation that enables you to utilize functions of the ERP software even when you’re on the move. Ideal for field service management!


What our customers say about es2000

“The update guarantee convinced us.” Gerhard Förtsch, Director of TeleSys Kommunikationstechnik GmbH “Other software solutions achieve their high degree of customization by adding code to the program. However, there individual changes are lost when the program is updated. In contrast, es2000 has developed esoffice continuously. So individual custom changes made to the standard software also work when there is a…


Gerhard Förtsch, Director of TeleSys Kommunikationstechnik GmbH

“We pass our customers’ opotimization requests on to es2000.” Pierre Tambyrajah, Northland Controls Systems, Inc., Newark (USA) “We pass the optimization requests of our customers on to the product management department of our software service provider es2000. Many of our customers are well-known global players from Silicon Valley, and have branches all over the world. To set up a service…


Pierre Tambyrajah, Northland Controls Systems, Inc., Newark (USA)

“The only comprehensive solution on the American market.”Jeff Taylor, Director, Advanced Controlled Concepts (ACC), Florida “We love using esoffice. Initially we were skeptical that a German software solution would be the right choice for us. But the more we used the software, the more functions we discovered that were useful for the trade. esoffice is the only comprehensive solution on…


Jeff Taylor, Director, Advanced Controlled Concepts (ACC), Florida

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What our customers say!

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