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CRM Base

Perfect customer communications

Would you like all your contacts with customers recorded clearly and systematically? Do you want your diary to allow easy resource planning? Do you want to simplify digital storage of files and documents? Then the CRM Base solution with its communication history, diary with task management, and centralized document storage is the ideal tool for you to optimally organize the processes of customer communications.

CRM Base from es2000

Ideal communications with customers are the basis for customer satisfaction. Thanks to the CRM Base, you can view all the history and arrangements with customers, so that there is no need to ask a colleague or search through the system. Appointments are efficiently coordinated, right from the start. Every customer will feel perfectly received!

The communications history function of the CRM Base gives you a perfect overview of every contact with customers, suppliers, and business partners. The appropriate contact person is assigned to each communication. The diary is directly linked, so follow up appointments and tasks can be entered straight away.

The dates and tasks to be completed can be entered in the diary for every employee and displayed individually. This makes resource planning simple. The diary is, of course, linked to other parts of the program so that entries can be made from offer and order processing as well as service processing or contact management, for example.


Central document storage

Document management greatly simplifies the storage of files and documents. Everything is centrally stored in digital form, so that all the information can be accessed rapidly. Recurrent processes can be simplified using various document templates. You specify the structure and designations of your directories when setting up the system, so your central document store is perfectly matched to your company.

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The advantages

Rapid overview

Access to all important customer data, documents, and diary entries is simple and quick. No more long-winded searches and investigations into the customer communications situation!

Perfectly connected

Many other parts of the program are linked to the calendar, not just the communication history. So, individual employees won’t have double-booked appointments or slack time.

Improved customer satisfaction

A customer who can be assigned to and classified by an employee straight away will receive the best possible attention when contact is made. Tiresome further inquiries are eliminated, reference to previous dates or contacts can be made, documents can be viewed without annoying delays, and any questions answered quickly. The customer will feel fully supported!

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This is eserp

Security equipment installers, ICT retailers and trades with comparable processes have relied on the ERP solutions from es2000 for digitalization for the past 30 years.

The software solutions from es2000 are exactly tailored to fit each different company, so that workflows are completely continuous, more harmonious and efficient, resulting in a saving in both time and costs. As a trade specialist, es2000 knows all about the typical processes and challenges of project business and servicing systems installations, so every company can go digital optimally with our ERP software.

CRM Base is the perfect foundation for smooth and successful communication with your customers.


What our customers say about es2000


Sven Lindemann, Geschäftsführer und Serviceleiter von Bunsieck & Partner GmbH

"In contrast, es2000 has developed esoffice continuously. So individual custom changes made to the standard software also work when there is a new release...."


Gerhard Förtsch, Director of TeleSys Kommunikationstechnik GmbH

“We pass the optimization requests of our customers on to the product management department of our software service provider es2000. Many of our customers are well-known global players from Silicon Valley, and have branches all over the world. To set up a service call,..."


Pierre Tambyrajah, Northland Controls Systems, Inc., Newark (USA)

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What our customers say!

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