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Bookkeeping Base extensions

Good preparation is the key!

The extensions for the Bookkeeping Base are brilliantly compatible and simple. They provide the ideal preparation of wages and data for financial bookkeeping.

Financial accounting integration

Integration of Diamant 3 and 2020 financial accounting

Direct integration of Diamant financial accounting minimizes the work required to provide accounting data, so that no manual actions are needed to transfer the data. Integration includes exchange in both directions, which makes it much easier to maintain master data and guarantees optimum collaboration, since there is no need to separately define accounts, cost centers and cost units on both sides. This eliminates one of the biggest sources of errors. Integration of Diamant financial accounting into the processes in eserp incorporates much more than just the functions of an interface, which otherwise only provide for the transfer of booking data into a text file or import of such data.

Accounts payable

Open item accounting for accounts payable

Manage your purchase invoices and the corresponding payments to your suppliers simply and straightforwardly. The allocation of invoice amounts to cost accounts can be viewed for each invoice. Before payment is approved, an internal invoice check can be performed that compares the total purchase order value with all the goods received so far, so that any discrepancies can be seen before payment. This avoids unnecessary incorrect bookings that would mean additional work to correct.


Interface to every financial accounting system

Using the freely configurable financial accounting interface, you can transparently transfer data relevant to financial accounting such as accounts payable / receivable, master data, cash ledger and account movements to your financial accounting department. You can also link invoice documents in PDF format. Reimport of payments is also possible. The advantage: With this interface, you no longer need to record accounts payable and accounts receivable twice. If you are not using DATEV financial accounting, there may be additional costs for setting up, technical harmonization and individual adjustments to the interface.


Interface to salary accounting systems

The freely configurable interface allows you to transfer wages data to your salary accounting program without problems.


Interface to cost accounting systems

The freely configurable interface enables data exchange with cost performance analysis programs.

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