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It’s hard to imagine today’s increasingly complex work environment without ERP software. Everyday tasks need to be done faster, you need an improved overview of your business processes, and your company needs even more efficient planning and control. There are many ERP software suppliers in the market, but the realization of special trade-related goals can generally only be achieved with a great deal of effort and expense, if at all.

What can the solutions from es2000 offer you?

Ever since 1991, installers and constructors of security equipment, ICT systems retailers and other trades with similar processes can rely on the fact that work processes can be made much more efficient when going digital thanks to the software solutions perfectly matched to their company from es2000. In contrast with many other ERP solutions available on the market, es2000 precisely understands the typical processes and challenges of project business and servicing around equipment installation, and supplies all the components that every company can use to save time and money through digitization: calculating offers, service and maintenance management, payment transactions, mobile links to the office, and much, much more!

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What our customers say

“The update guarantee convinced us.” Gerhard Förtsch, Director of TeleSys Kommunikationstechnik GmbH “Other software solutions achieve their high degree of customization by adding code to the program. However, there individual changes are lost when the program is updated. In contrast, es2000 has developed esoffice continuously. So individual custom changes made to the standard software also work when there is a…


Gerhard Förtsch, Director of TeleSys Kommunikationstechnik GmbH

“We pass our customers’ opotimization requests on to es2000.” Pierre Tambyrajah, Northland Controls Systems, Inc., Newark (USA) “We pass the optimization requests of our customers on to the product management department of our software service provider es2000. Many of our customers are well-known global players from Silicon Valley, and have branches all over the world. To set up a service…


Pierre Tambyrajah, Northland Controls Systems, Inc., Newark (USA)

“The only comprehensive solution on the American market.”Jeff Taylor, Director, Advanced Controlled Concepts (ACC), Florida “We love using esoffice. Initially we were skeptical that a German software solution would be the right choice for us. But the more we used the software, the more functions we discovered that were useful for the trade. esoffice is the only comprehensive solution on…


Jeff Taylor, Director, Advanced Controlled Concepts (ACC), Florida

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    30 years of experience

    es2000 has been developing software solutions for ICT systems retailers and constructors since 1991, and knows what is really important for the trade.


    Flexible software

    es2000 always offers solutions that can be quickly adapted to the changing requirements of the trade and the market.


    Save time and money

    You can reduce costs by using the ERP solutions from es2000 and save real money! Work processes are optimized, resources ideally employed, and work time used more efficiently.